About us

We welcome you to our dental office, where your oral health is our priority. At AureoDental, we strive to create a unique place where you not only receive outstanding dental care, but also feel the warmth and care of each of our specialists.

Emil Kovach


Dear patients and friends of AureoDental,

I warmly welcome you to our dental family! I am [Name of Chief Physician], Chief Physician of AureoDental, and I am proud to introduce you to our clinic, where every smile is a reason to be proud.

At AureoDental, we strive to create a unique place where your needs and comfort are the focus. Our mission is to provide you with outstanding dental care based on professionalism, technological advancement and exceptional attention to detail.

We are not just doctors, we are your support in your journey to a healthy smile. Our specialists, each in their own field, are ready to provide you with high-quality care, answering your questions and sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

Thank you for choosing us to care for your oral health. We do everything we can to make your visit to AureoDental a pleasant and stress-free experience. Welcome to our medical community, where your smile is our inspiration.


Our specialists

At AureoDental, our team of specialists combines skill, experience, and a commitment to patient well-being. We look forward to providing you with exceptional dental care tailored to your unique needs.

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Dr. Agnes Balog

Dr. Balog is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized dental care. With a focus on preventive dentistry, she ensures that each patient receives the attention they need for a healthy smile.

Dr. Viktor Peto

Dr. Peto specializes in orthodontics, crafting individualized treatment plans to address misalignments and create beautiful, straight smiles. His expertise includes both traditional braces and modern orthodontic.

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Dr. Janos Laki

As our oral surgeon, Dr. Laki performs a range of surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth extractions and implant placements. His skill and precision ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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Dr. Liliana Sandor

Dr. Sandor is passionate about preventive care and oral hygiene. She educates patients on effective oral health practices, helping them maintain optimal dental wellness between visits.

Our mission

At AureoDental, our mission extends far beyond the practice of dentistry. We strive to be not just a place of treatment, but also a center where every patient feels cared for and attended to. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality dental care while providing a pleasant and respectful experience.

We believe that every person deserves a healthy smile, which is why our mission includes not only treatment, but also oral care education so our patients can make informed decisions about their health. We strive to be partners in your health, creating a warm environment where you feel confident and supported.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized care to each patient, recognizing that everyone has unique needs and expectations. Our mission is to be a place where you don't just come for treatment, but feel part of a caring medical community.

We are actively involved in the prevention of dental problems and encourage regular checkups to maintain optimal levels of oral health. Our mission is to help you improve and maintain your oral health throughout your life.

We see our mission not only in treatment, but also in creating a positive experience for each patient so that visiting the dentist becomes a pleasant and carefree moment in their lives. At AureoDental, we strive to be not just your doctors, but also your friends on your journey to a healthy smile.